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Keep Trade Going


(May 30, 2013)


About 30% of the roses that are bought in North America are proudly Ecuadorian. (Source: Diario La Hora and Pro Ecuador). That’s why some strategic industrial zones encourage the new initiative “Keep Trade Going” in Chicago in order to replicate it in other states of North America. This communicational campaign consists of promoting Ecuadorian products in various zones within the U.S., like the train wagons of Chicago. (source:

Memorial Day


(May 27th, 2013)


The 27th of May is celebrated in the United States as Memorial Day. On this occasion, more than 140,000 roses were distributed in the Arlington National Cemetery as a sign of respect to the men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect their families and their country. (Source: Embassy of Ecuador in USA)

Ecuadorian Flowers in the Cannes Film Festival.


(April 30, 2013)


The legendary Cannes International Film Festival became the stage for the presentation of Ecuadorian Roses. In this festival, 5000 export-quality roses were distributed between stands, press and visitors that went to this mythical artistic encounter.

The intensity of their colors, scents, and sizes were the center of praise. In that manner, Ecuador was able to surprise not only with its films, but also by showing some of its diversity in one of the most important festivals worldwide. (Source:

 In Punta del Esta, Ecuadorian Rose and Ecuadorian Gastronomy Show off


(August 29 2013)


   On June 5 the oustanding exhibition of FIEXPO (A Turism exhibition) was held in the beautiful Latin American city Punta del Este. Ecuador could not be excluded from this major event since the exhibition purpose was to promote natural, touristic, patrimonial and historical wealth and the country's gastronomy.
 Ecuadorian Pavilon opened in a splendid ingaruation by the Embassy of Ecuador with the Ministry of Tourism. The presentation displayed  different natural regions of Ecuador with its corresponding appeals.

 The same way, Álvaro Hernández, a very well-known ecuadorian cheff, delighted the the audience tastes with delicious recepies from Ecuador. Some of the ecuadorian products provided were: quinua, shrimp, avocado oil, mango, papataya, llapingachos; additionallly, there were given out toquilla straw hats and the famous ecuadorian rose could not miss out ,which is acllaimed worlwide for its unique quality.
 Source:  Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana. 2013. Gastronomía y rosa ecuatoriana se promueve en Punta del Este - Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 23 Aug 2013