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Matrioshka Series 1

Matrioshka Series 1


48 roses, 4 levels and 4 different colors, 25" to 35" stem size. Direct from the farm to your home. Surprise yourself with the exclusive design and the unrepeatable roses arrengement in each Matrioshka. We strive to innovate in the world, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference. For this reason, Fressko has introduced a unique product on the market, very exclusive flower box that involves varieties of roses cultivated, maintained and harvested only for home warmth. Its exclusivity is reflected in the design of the packaging that keeps its secret, like matryoshka doll, four dozens in different colors, perfect to suit any environment. Matrioshka, is a different concept of roses where each one is carefully selected, always looking for perfection. Matrioshka by Fressko is a secret that it’s discovered only when you open it.